You could share in the anointing of the work we do. We have so much ground to conquer and this is just the beginning. God has mandated us to go into the entire world and preach the good news and to heal the sick. However, we will need people to partner with us. Stars Revival Ministries Intl. is funded entirely by free will offerings and donations. Together we are a team moving the Kingdom of God forward. On our own we cannot achieve in entirety what should be achieved. When Stars Revival Ministries accomplishes something for God, as a partner you have also accomplished something. Every time we reach out to someone in need or liberate a person through the word of God, you as a partner are there with us and reap the same rewards and blessings.

You can help us in the following ways:

Prayer – You can pray for the ministry to reach many boundaries and for helpers to be sent to us

Partnership Programme – Starts from R500 once or on a monthly basis. All partners will be updated on our programmes by e-mail. Partners also have an option of paying for our newspaper or radio advertisements, pay for the venues where meetings are held and all the necessities required for meetings and crusades and to partner in any other way financially.

Outreach Seed – A donation that will be used to take evangelical healing and deliverance meetings to the communities on a monthly basis.

Donations and Offerings

*Stars Revival Ministries is Cipro registered, tax compliant and is a section 18A NPO. We are transparent with all finances received and have exemplary records to show.

Banking Details
Stars Revival Ministries | Standard Bank | Account Number: 034519599

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