Delivered from eye problem

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Delivered from eye problem

Sanelisiwe Ngcobo – Delivered from eye problem

I am 14years and since birth I had a problem with my eyes. I could not see clearly and had trouble at school seeing the board. My teachers had to work individually with me because of my problem. When I turned 12 years, I began to lose my hearing, I could only hear when someone is very close to me or they had to shout. I could not even watch TV because I could neither hear well nor see. My family had taken me to many nyangas (traditional healers) but none of them helped me

In March 2018, I visited one of the meetings. Pastor Sam prayed for me and commanded my body to be healed in the Name of Jesus. I was healed in that service. I no longer have a

problem with my eyes and I can now hear proper. I give all glory to Jesus for healing me. I never paid any money to Pastor Sam or the ministry, yet they prayed for me and I was healed.

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